Vignettes from a Dance Floor (2)Stepping onto the floor, stretching, my attention shifts from where I’m going and doing to how I’m feeling. As I prepare my body, heart and mind for the dance, my attention flows through me, moving, feeling, noticing where I need some love and attention. My body, open and ready to explore, begins to ride the rhythm and flow with the music.

The music shifts to a spicy beat that rules my feet. Tapping a syncopated rhythm, my hips roll from left to right and back again, feeling ever so much as though the ocean has taken up residence in my belly. Sweat forms a fine mist over my body as I gyrate deeper into myself, breathing deeply and riding on the sweetest note that talks right to my soul and begs a body to listen.

A lone woman belts out a melancholy tune… I turn inward, remembering. I dance a page from the book of my life, an old sad story that needs one more dance before it can be put to rest. My body flows over the floor, full in the expression of emotion, My tears fall and I am cleansed.

I am dancing in the circle of who I am. Exquisitely self aware. Savoring every flourish of gesture and stomp of foot. from the forceful to the tender. I abide in the silence of my eyelids. Even though I know there are others close by, I am finely tuned to the authentic expression of my own gut’s counsel.

In another moment, the dance moves for one to two. A subtle investigation of shared weight, and the sweet comfort of skin upon skin opens and reveals me. We flow together… in and around, blurring the space between self and other. through the juxtaposition of wills and hearts, I come to know myself even deeper.

Dancing, I am the unveiled expression of a soul on fire with its own light! To express, to soar, to free oneself from the shackles of conformity.. a heady brew that I am always ready to get drunk upon; It leads me to grace and more grace, again, and again.

Sylvia Brallier


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