Showing Up for the Life You Have NOW

There’s all kinds of wishing that goes on… hoping and wishing that life would manifesting in the desired fashion. and it can feel pretty frustrating when it feels as though life is just passing one by. Sometimes it’s that we don’t know the best way to go, and so confound our forward movement for fear of getting it “wrong.” Sometimes we don’t know they best place to put our energy, so we spew it out all scatter shot style in hopes that SOMETHING sticks somewhere. Sometimes we can feel so defeated, we get to “Why even try?” and fail to apply any energy in a meaningful fashion. We’ve probably all done each of these options at different times in our lives, with limited success. While I’m all for having “goals,” sometimes you need to just drop the agenda to see what will naturally arise. Sometimes you are pushing and pushing to achieve something that may not be really leading you in a direction that really serves your higher purpose or happiness. You can get on a roll, and before you know it, you’re way down some highway you didn’t intend to go down because you lost track of “yourself” in the process of becoming who you think you ought to be.
What if we scaled it back to “How authentic can I be today?” “How joyful, just for joy’s sake?” How compassionate can I be today?” By staying focused on states of being instead of goals such as these for a time, our natural joy may have an opportunity to reassert itself. From that state, it’s much easier to see what is true and necessary for us than from inside the traps of social and ego goals that we are consciously, or unconsciously adhering to. There is great freedom that comes from realigning with “what is” instead of always pushing to get to the next place. There is also a great freedom in knowing peace, joy compassion and happiness are states we can direct our attention towards to create. They don’t have to be based on what is, or isn’t showing up in life.

Yes, we CAN step outside of the cause and effect of “Life needs to look THIS WAY for me to be happy,” and just choose happiness. Once we are friendly with that state, it’s easier to see where to go next.

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