Retreats with Sylvia

For many years., taking people on adventure retreats was a really big part of my life. My trip to the tropics every year. With other. New and old beloved’s. Was always a high point. But I’ve been through a lot of hard times in the last 5 years, including a couple of concussions & all my money spent or stolen from me, so I don’t have wits or start up money to launch it. I’m still trying to figure out how to survive, but I am still not making enough to cover my heat & food. I don’t really prefer a handout. I really prefer a hand up. And I have skills & talents that I know that people want if I could just be in a physical location to give it to them. So there are solutions if I could get a group of 10 or more people together who wanted to go on an adventure with me, It would be a way that I could make a little money so that I could pay my bills. Anyone want go somewhere cool with me like Belize for a week this winter? We’d have to plan & pay together, but I would gladly facilitate. How about Art in a tropical beach location? Who wants in on the convo?

In the past, I was able to put together a trip for about a week to Mexico for about $2000. What I’d rather do is go to Belize for spectacular snorkeling & scuba. It’s been a few years since I’ve done it, so it might be $2500 per person. Possibly less. It would include most food. Meditations, Art instruction. And possibly most of materials. I would rent a place that had. A larger space that we could turn into a studio. and split our time between. Beach. Dance. Meditation. And art.

If you are interested Please send me a note through my website contact page. Thank you. More information to come if I get enough people sending me interest notes. Thank you.

this video is an example of the retreats I used to offer in Mexico….

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