An ARMY of GOOD GIRLS is a transformational community for and about empowering women.  It is a global learning network for women to provide a platform of mutual support. We offer learning tools and inspirational materials that serve women and support their journey toward success in life and purpose.


Our core team of women offer their expertise through online courses, books,  workshops, and retreats  covering everything from personal development to entrepreneurial tools and prosperity tips.

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Our greater mission is to support sustainable  development in developing nations by supporting  women to create a healthy and happy lives for themselves, their children and their villages.

Sylvia is the co-director of An Army of Good Girls along with Malena Gamboa.  Our friend and ally, Dan Hollings (who was famous for the marketing of  the book and movie, “The Secret”)  created and supports this streamline e-learning experience.

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  1. Sylvia,

    When you light a lamp for somebody it will also brighten your path…..

    Excellent work..
    Keep it up…..

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