Cambridge, MA- Dance into Being with Tantric Shamanism

Dance into Being with Tantric Shamanism

featuring the work of Sylvia Brallier and Saffire Bouchelion!

A Celebration of Creativity and Transformation

Join us for an exciting weekend of deep play, healing and spiritual awakening through dance, rhythm, breath and song featuring the work of Sylvia Brallier & Saffire Bouchelion!

Held at: Dance Complex
536 Mass Ave
Cambridge MA 02139

Weekend Schedule:

Friday September  5th from 7-11pm
Dance into Being Dance  Party!
Dancing into Being  with Sylvia and Saffire
Dance Jam to Live Music
DJ Ecstatic Dance Party with DJ LiquidG (Gary Einsidler)


Saturday September  6th, 10:30am- 5:30pm
Nia with Black Belt, Saffire Bouchelion
Somatic Chakra Activation with Sylvia Brallier
Embodying Rhythm & Dance into Being with Saffire

Drum and Dance Circle ~
A Celebration of Life through BUILDING BRIDGES

In light of the racial tensions that have have been occurring in Ferguson and other places, we’d like to dedicate the focus of the Drum and Dance Circle on Saturday night to “Building Bridges.” Coming together to create greater harmony and healing between all people though the shared experience of drumming, dancing song and prayer.

Sunday, September 7, 1-6pm
Dance into Being &
The Tantric Shamanism Breathwork Ceremony
At the UU Parish, 3 Church St, Cambridge, MA

The Full Weekend (Evening Celebrations + Daytime Intensives)

A deposit of $100 will hold a space for the full weekend.
The balance will be due at the workshop.

Just Saturday Day: $130
Just Sunday Afternoon: $$10
Only Evening Celebrations: $25 per night, or $45 for both.

Sylvia Brallier is a respected author and spiritual teacher who combines her love of dance and music with her passion for the healing arts. Her loving and wise approach to personal transformation has been instrumental in changing many lives. She is a master at the art of helping people overcome their limitations with impeccability, kindness and humor.

DSCN0583 (2)yes.1Saffire Bouchelion is a 1st Degree Black Belt Nia instructor who has been passionately practicing Nia for 18 years. He is also a professional performer and musician. His embodiment and transmission of music and rhythm stir profound transformation in his students. He has been teaching drumming, Nia, and Dance into Being workshops internationally or the past 11 years. His greatest joy is helping to embody the world, one community at a time!

Payment options

Class Descriptions

sabou.danceDance into Being is Sacred play designed to help us regain a deep expression of our Authentic Joy and Creativity. Journeying the path from Movement through Sound through Rhythm and into Expression, this work takes us on a journey into a fuller emergence of the self and into the heartbeat of community. Utilizing aspects of powerful and playful movement experience, vocal work and Ecstatic Dance, we play, create an deepen in community. Seeing and being seen, transmitting and receiving, dancing and being danced guides and informs the discovery of Authentic Expression.

Drum and Dance Circle Celebrationdrumhead.rhythm

This is much more than a drum and dance circle, it is a call to Celebration and Self-Transformation within and through community. Come with your intentions for change, authentic self expression and to just plain have a great time! The drum  calls us to gather together in circle, in community… where all are included. We will gather and create music and dance and song, some we already know and some we learn in the moment. Here we listen, and are heard, we see, and are seen.

If you have drums and shakers, bring them! If you have items for the altar, bring them too! But most of all…bring YOU!!

Somatic Chakra Healing Dance
Through dance, we journey into the wisdom of the body investigating and transforming our inner landscape, gathering even greater self awareness of body, mind emotions and spirit. Through compassionate witnessing, we give the soul what it needs to transform and transmute the poisons of life into power and beauty, freeing up energy and consciousness to live a liberated life filled with dynamic aliveness.

Embodying Rhythm Class
Every ancient culture in the world, no matter your tribe, has some type of drum or rhythm instrument used to express the pulse of the people and their unique rhythms. Embodying Rhythm is therefore universal and helps us to access and integrate the common pulse of all humankind, connecting us more deeply to ourselves and each other. Our tools are our hands, and feet, our voices, and anything else we can think of! The SHAKER SERIES uses a pair of shakers to move through a process that balances the hemispheres of the brain and strengthens the body-mind connection utilizing rhythm, walking, and voice.

Nia is self-healing and self expression through conscious awareness of how you use your body, mind, emotions and Spirit. It is cardiovascular for the body and cleansing for the soul. Nia invites us to move as a whole system, an integrated unit that chooses the sensation of pleasure and the state of Joy in the body as our baseline and we expand our awareness, our movement and our expression from there. Nia is Movement as Medicine.

Tantric Shamanism Breathwork Ceremony

DSCN0453 Ecstasy is a divine gift that lifts us out of ordinary reality and into a direct experience o f the sacred. The transformative fires of ecstasy burn away the blocked energy held in our shadow selves and transmutes it into pure energy that may be used for personal and planetary transformation. This ceremony is a profound opportunity to drop away what has been binding you and move forward towards your bliss.

rainbow snakeThis form of breath work is not just a way to move some energy. It is a powerful initiation of the light body that can open the way for powerful positive change in your life. It is an effective method to jettison you forward towards a more healed, awakened, spiritually aware way of being.

It is done within the context of a circle. You do NOT need a partner to participate in this work. This tantric work rarefies, refines and awakens your own energy body, which can empower every aspect of your life. This breathwork will assist you to bring forth the fullness of who you have come here to be.

The sooner you sign up, the more money you save!

Full weekend including Evening Celebrations and the two day workshop
Pay by:
Aug 30 $287.00
Sept 5th $350.00

Can’t pay all now? Full weekend, deposit $100.00
Will hold your space at that cost until the next cost increase day comes up.

Daytime workshop Only, Paid in full -$230.00 USD until Aug 10
Just evening events: $25 per night, or $45 for both

Payment options

“Sylvia is an excellent teacher with a warm and playful personality. She has a deep experience of Shamanism and has found ways to guide the average person into having a direct experience with the spirit world as well as their own true natures. Her techniques are accessible and easy to implement but powerful and life-changing at the same time. I heartily recommend her workshops and trainings to anyone who is interested in spiritual growth.”
Joan Paulette Dudley

“Saffire holds a powerful yet safe space to allow for complete surrender and beautiful expression. No matter what the level of confidence, skill or coordination, he is there for each and every person, ensuring ease, joy and comfort is infused into every moment. I carry the amazing effects of each class with me long after I leave the studio and know this has a profoundly positive effect on many areas of my life. Keeping me open, flowing, creative, grounded and joyful until the next time I am able to experience the sheer pleasure of dancing into my being.”
Georgia Lee

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