Back to Life Retreat Riviera Maya

June 14th-19th, 2022

Have you been itching to travel AND You’d like to do it as safely as possible? I have the answer for you. I lucked out on renting a luxury retreat villa on one of the most amazing beaches on the Caribbean coast of Mexico that I’ve ever spent time at.

I’ve been taking people on retreats to this general location since the turn of the century. I know this is a safe location. The food and the water will be safe for you to consume, you’ll get to hang out with other vaccinated old and new friends having fun and relaxation. It is on a private road, at a private residence. There’s nothing to worry about. So let’s unwind the stress of the last many years in paradise together….

Wow, this has been such a long hard slog through our collective COVID-19 experience! I am 100% ready to go to the most beautiful place that I know and have fun and experience healing with other individuals who are ready to really enjoy this place with me.

If you’ve done retreats with me here in the past, I’ve got news for you… this is by far the nicest place I have ever rented. if you feel like you’ve been missing out all these years and you finally feel like you can do it this summer, get ready for something lux, luscious and loads of fun! Come with us June 14th to the 19th!

At this incredible retreat location, we are close to the end of a point on one side of a bay. What does that mean? Well if you want to try snorkeling or if you love snorkeling, you can walk into the water put on your mask and you are out the coral. You barely have to swim out to it… it’s right there. You can spend the day watching the fish And the incredible mystery and beauty of the coral.

Are you the kind of person who likes to walk along the beach? Right where will be there is when the mama turtles are laying their eggs at night and the baby turtles are hatching and running down to the sea. This is a one-of-a-kind experience.
If you love to swim there’s a bay very close by that you can walk to, where I have swam with calm turtles on multiple occasions. It’s made me feel incandescent to be this close to the incredible wonder and majesty of nature.

But wait there’s more. Just a very short walk to the north across the point, and you are a YalKu lagoon. Now lagoons are amazing because the swimming is always right. No matter if there’s wind, it’s always calm on the lagoon. The water is cool and refreshing and there are fish EVERYWHERE. You could even sit on the edge of the lagoon and watch them and not even swim!

Snorkeling Lagoon

There’s also an astounding sculpture park in one area on the bank of the lagoon. It’s quite frankly some of the best figurative sculpture I’ve ever seen I love this artist.

Sign up Now for the Back to Life Retreat, The retreat fee covers the cost of your accommodations, food and entertainment. All you need to do is get a flight to Cancun. We’ll take care of the rest.

Our accommodations are a stunning villa right by the sea. we have a pool out front, and a hot tub on the top of the building with an astounding 360° view of the ocean, the bay and the lagoon.

We have a gourmet chef who will be preparing our meals, so your job is to relax and enjoy yourself in nature.

The plan for this retreat is focused on collective fun. I will be offering some morning meditations, some shamanic work as well as a breath work session over the course of the week.

We will have some fun adventures together away from the beach too. No trip to Mayan Mexico is complete without visiting the pyramid. There’s one in particular that we climb every year. If it’s still open we’ll do it this year! This pyramid is dedicated to the honey God. So we’ll celebrate the sweetness of life and pray for the bees. The view of the jungle from on top of the pyramid is amazing!

Sign up Now! for the Back to Life Retreat

There will also be lots of time and space for other people to share what they love! Do you like to DJ? Let’s dance! Do you have some kind of art project you’d like to do with others? How about an afternoon of making sand sculptures? Do you wanna take an excursion into town? There are loads of taxis a short walk away and anybody who wants to go on adventures is welcome to. Do you have some sort of healing activity you’d like to do with others? We can plan it. Let’s work together to have the best vacation ever!

This trip is coming up right away! So go ahead and hop to it sign on or ask me the questions you need to know in order to do it. This is the time. Let’s have an amazing vacation together!

Cost of the retreat is $2000 for double occupancy. It’s $2500 for single occupancy

Sign up Now, you deserve a vacation! We’ll have some much fun on the Back to Life Retreat! All inclusive. All you have to do is fly down to Cancun. Simple.

Just the FAQs

Here’s a few questions I have answered in advance…

You’ll be flying into the Cancun airport. From there you’ll take a shuttle down to our retreat location which is about an hour and a Half drive down the coastal highway. When you’re looking up tickets it is CUN You want to arrive as early in the day on the 14th as possible, and plan to get a flight at the very end of the day on the 19th.

Regarding activities, all activities are optional. This is your vacation. Play in as much as you like. Take as much alone time as you like.regarding food, if you have a restricted diet just let us know in advance what it is! We’ll work with you.


Rather have a room to yourself? No problem just costs more.

Double Occupancy? What if I’m traveling alone and I don’t have someone to bring? We can pair you up with a roommate so you can have the lower cost room no problem. Beds separate into two separate beds and the rooms are large., That being said,

Bring friends! We need a minimum of 12 people and we can take a maximum of 35 people. If you ever wanted to take a vacation with special friends who are into things like nature adventures, meditation, movement, breathwork, art, drumming, etc, This is the perfect opportunity.

This is your vacation. Play in as much as you like. Take as much alone time as you like.

Please call, email or text me with your questions. I’ll add them to the list.

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