coming together to serve humanity

Global Resolutions unites global citizens by creating inspirational, world-changing media content.

WindmillsOur mission is to contribute to the world by bringing together inspirational media and collaborative strategic partnerships to educate, unify and promote healthier lives for everyone.  We pride ourselves in using

collaborative integral architectures led by creative teams that value uplifting society and promoting human kindness.

We believe that positive entertainment experiences combined with the power of social  media has the ability to penetrate cultural barriers and deepen the experience of our interconnectedness, responsibility to the future of humanity and our planet.

KidsWe’re committed to positive impact through a continued vision to research, develop and produce quality experiences.  We align and collaborate with leading thinkers in emerging social paradigms and technologies, memetic consultants, integral strategists, experts in television and film, live event producers and sustainability champions in creating meaningful experiences that educate and touch the human spirit.

cooking.girlOur projects support resolutions for the Millenium Development Goals (MDG).

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