There is nothing I love more than to help people to live happier, more fulfilled lives. We all have times when we are ready to tear our hair out because life isn’t behaving itself, and no amount of paper training seems to be doing the trick. My specialty is to help people navigate the waters […]



Staying Centered in the Face of Hardship The bills aren’t all getting paid. The love affair has turned into a nightmare. You have twenty million things on your to-do list, a friend or family member has developed a challenging illness, your car won’t run right unless you purchase a brand spanking new thingamaboberator. When WILL […]



“Sylvia is a brilliant, gifted woman with intuitive wisdom coupled with a kind, generous heart and spirit. She is an effective, compassionate healer and an enlightened leader. I highly recommend hiring Sylvia for anyone who desires to grow and fulfill their potential!” Mary Rives “Sylvia is a fantastic speaker, educator, author and healing practitioner. I […]

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